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Established in 2002, MedDen Dental Clinic was founded on a practice philosophy driven by the comfort, respect and care of our patients. The owners, Dr. Alain Azar and Dr. Lan Huynh, two best friends who graduated from Université de Montréal in 2001, cherish this idea that dental medicine, although a critical segment of our general health, can be provided to the population through a softer, more sensitive and positive approach.

As such, in addition to applying their professionalism and expertise to provide dedicated and comprehensive care, our dental surgeons constantly emphasize on prevention and education. Indeed, providing knowledge to the patients such that they can take care of their own health is their top priority. That is why upon the years, they surrounded themselves with an amazing team who shares their vision of a trustworthy and comfortable environment, where patients are treated to the highest standards.

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Just as daily tooth brushing and flossing, routine oral exams and dental cleanings help in maintaining a good oral health. Regular appointments with your dental surgeon will allow him/her to keep an eye on the overall health of your mouth, therefore preventing the onset or development of diseases like periodontitis or tooth decay. In these cases, he/she will be able to provide a diagnosis quickly and recommend adapted treatments to avoid further complications which often require more complex and costly interventions.

Prevention always tastes better, as much for kids as for grown-ups...


As they enter a dental clinic, kids will dive into a unique universe unlike no other, full of funny sounds and scents, lights of all colours, and machines of all types and sizes. They will have many questions and maybe even some fears.

This is why we offer services adapted to their needs, where listening and patience are priorities. Furthermore, because oral and dental hygiene are primordial from a young age as the teeth grow, we emphasize particularly on education and prevention. These lessons will be for them a lifelong heritage. Of course, we also assist the parents by guiding them in their kid’s health education and by clarifying the crucial role they play.

Laughter, happiness, sympathy, gratitude... all these emotions are shared through one simple gesture: the smile. This first and everlasting communication tool will follow you throughout your lifetime and defines you in the eyes of others.

It is therefore natural to seek perfection, and this explains the growing popularity of whitening treatments over the last decade. Whether you aim at improving esthetics or eliminating the discomfort of stained teeth, whitening treatments can bring back a shiny and nice smile by balancing and improving the color of your teeth.

The treatment is simple and conservative, showing lasting results without compromising your dental health... an easy and accessible solution that can contribute to your daily well-being.



Sadly, an increasingly large portion of the population are grinding or clenching their teeth at night (sleep bruxism). This can have severe consequences such as accelerated tooth wear or tooth fracture, chronic tooth stress leading to an irreversible inflammation of the pulp, or long term damage to the jaw bones or TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Bruxism is also known to be a source of migraine for some people, or even of facial pain and tension.

To counteract this process, the nightguard is for most cases the treatment of choice, and thanks to new technologies and manufacturing methods, today’s nightguards are now more comfortable and greatly appreciated by our patients.

Service2Maintaining a good periodontium is the key to a healthy dentition that will last a lifetime. The periodontium, which includes the gum, the periodontal ligaments and the bone surrounding the teeth, protects and holds the roots of the teeth.

When tartar accumulates below the gum, toxins freed by the bacteria will attack the periodontium, creating an infection pocket around the tooth, which while growing will weaken the links between the tooth and its periodontium. Although symptoms are often light and sometimes imperceptible in the short term, such infection if not controlled could lead to sub-gingival tooth decay, increased tooth mobility or even tooth loss. In these situations, your dental surgeon will advise specific periodontium care to treat the gum disease and prevent the deterioration of your oral health.


When a tooth is infected, necrosed or highly compromised, root canal treatment is often recommended to avoid tooth removal and the consequences incurred by its loss. Root canal treatment consists in the removal of only the live tissues within the tooth (nerves and blood vessels) and therefore completely devitalizes the tooth while keeping it in the mouth. Because it is still physically present, the tooth will stay functional and continue to play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of all teeth and their esthetics.

In the 1950s, extracting problematic teeth was a common practice, which led to a whole generation of patients with few teeth left, or none. Today, the medical field recognizes the importance of preserving each of our teeth, as the impact that a good dentition has on our general health is well understood.


Although most dental treatments do not require surgeries, there are instances when these are strongly recommended or inevitable. Wisdom teeth for example will be removed as they might not erupt properly or be located such that they present a risk for an adjacent tooth. Similarly, teeth broken beyond repair or extensively damaged by tooth decay will also be surgically removed to prevent larger infections. On the other hand, minor surgeries more related to the gum and bone might be required prior to prosthetic treatments or for the removal of unwanted tissues.

Whichever the situation, your dental surgeon has all the knowledge and tools to offer a comfortable and trustworthy experience, and will provide you professional advices to guide you towards proper healing.

Service8The ability to chew food everyday is fundamental for the balance of our general health. As such, missing teeth will compromise this essential function, and replacing them is crucial and shall be taken care of as soon as possible. Although fixed prosthesis such as dental bridges and implants are undeniably the most comfortable, there are situations when anatomical or physiological characteristics of the patient will limit their practicability. In these instances, removable prosthesis, commonly called dentures, are a wise second choice.

Whether partial or complete, this affordable treatment remains a relevant and effective solution for restoring the masticatory function.

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